When you come to Fiji, this is the way to play so that you have not come in vain!


With so many islands in Fiji, where should tourists go to play and how to choose the best day trip activities for them? Besides the sea, what other places are there for tourists to relax in Fiji? In this article, we will introduce several ways to play in Fiji.


Fiji is known for its islands, so when you visit Fiji, be sure to hop on an outer island or two and check them out. Most of the sea trips in Fiji start from Denarau Pier on the main island, where you can take a catamaran cruise, a two-masted sailboat, a catamaran, a helicopter or a seaplane to the small islands of Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands, the closest being half an hour one way, the farthest being a four-hour boat trip, enjoying the outer sea scenery along the way. If you like to swim, you can bring snorkelling gear and jump into the sea to get in close contact with marine life. Families with children can enjoy kayaks and other water activities, and even lying quietly on the beach and looking at the colourful sea is a great pleasure.


Tivua Island is a small coral island located in Fiji, the shape of which looks like a heart when viewed from above, so it is also known as a "heart-shaped island". The most unique feature of the trip is the "two-masted sailing boat", which looks like a "pirate ship" and gives you a sense of adventure at sea. The whole sailboat can accommodate up to 100 guests, and in the 90-minute voyage, you will not feel bored at all. There is a live "Live band" on board, every Fijian comes with singing talent, as long as a guitar, and three or two notes, you can hum out a complete song, whether it is pop music, children's songs, or retro music are at ease. 

Not only that, but there is a traditional Fijian welcome ceremony on board - the "Kava" ceremony, where the crew sits around the outer circle of the "Tanoa" (Kava-making vessel) and makes Kava offered to each guest with the utmost respect. Once you arrive at Tivua Island, you can't miss an island walk on the soft white sand, holding your family and loved ones for a warm or romantic island walk to make the best memories for each other. Or go to the aquatic centre to rent snorkelling gear and snorkel in the sea.


Fiji has a floating bar on the water, which visitors can reach in an hour's sail on a Cloud 9 speedboat. The first level of the floating bar is the restaurant, where the fire-grilled pizzas are delicious and you can enjoy the cocktails made on-site. The second level of the restaurant is suitable for relaxing or sunbathing. Take a two-hour cruise on a catamaran to Kuata Island, known for its friendly and welcoming hospitality, unparalleled location and warm waters. Once ashore visitors can arrange their own time and activities, enjoying an island lunch or a walk on the beach, or swimming and kayaking.