What’ preparations should be done before traveling?


Tourism is not a whim, but a relaxation and cultivation of journey for ourself.

Different people have different opinions on the travel. Someone would like to go out in a whim while others prefer to be in ready very well before leaving for the journey. It’s common in daily life you meet such people who are so particular with the detailed arrangement. There is no standard rule on the travelling, as long as you do whatever you think suitable for your plan. Here I would like to share what I think about the travel and the feeling I feel.


Health Physical body

We don’t encourage you to travel when you feel not well, especially in sick. You probably encounter various situations on the way, without enough energy you cannot handle the problems you meet very well, maybe even cause you into bigger risk or trouble. In some tourist attractions, there may be no professional doctors or nurse available to check on you. So before travelling, we are supposed to make reservation on the hospital and check for ourselves. The health physical body is the fundamental requirement we should answer. Keep in good health and practice your muscle or legs or arms regularly. It will help to build up a dynamic and sprightful state for ourselves.

Being prepared in a health body, then we are able to arrange the travel plan at well.  


Positive attitude

We should hold a good attitude on the travel, not be confused by some so-called beauty, not be affected by some superficial prides and admiration by others, to do a travel for a travel.

Keep a peaceful heart and not be discouraged by some small setbacks. No matter what difficulties and setbacks we encounter in traveling, we should keep a calm and tolerant mind. Don't let the negative feedbacks affecting our mood to enjoy the beautiful landscape and lovable and funny things on the road.


To research online and get useful suggestions from senior travelers

It would be much better if one or two or groups of friends accompanying you when you travel, if you prefer to go alone, we recommend you to do necessary preparations for your safety.

Check online about the destinations where you plan to go;

Check the weather and local culture;

Check the transportations and accommodation if convenient and nice to take.

You can also turn to the senior travelers for advice, some information from them would probably help you in an emergency.

Another suggestion is to ask the travel company, which has lots of working experiences that would improve your cautious attitude.


Sufficient materials

Prepare enough food and drinking water.

Take water with you, don't drink too little.

Take light and warm clothes along with you, put on comfortable shoe.

Besides, the band-aids, medicines and flash-lighter are also necessary things to prepare ahead.


Other recommendations

Except you wear loose clothes and good shoes, it is also better not to bring too many unnecessary things in order to reduce the packing heavy.

You should pay attention to hygiene food when you go around the local restaurants.

Not go into the deep-far side of the woods alone.

Finally, it cannot be forgotten that keeping in touch with close friends or parents and tell where you go and call them back regularly be known you are safe.


The life is short, the travel is short too, so we should take care of ourselves and enjoy our treasurable one-off journey heartedly.