Have you ever traveled with families before?


From my personal perspective, I prefer to travel alone instead of parents accompanying together. There is gap between the elder and the young on body and mind. I would like to take out of money to support my parents to travel, not with me together.


Here I will share a story of my neighbors. They have a small family with a son who has grown up in 25 years-old, now the parents have retired and they plan to look around the South China. At beginning, they arranged a family-travel for the national holiday. They wanted to go to Lhasa before to Guangzhou.

However, Tibet is not a big place. Unlike other cities in China, it consists a lot of small counties. They think if they don't go to a big place like Guangzhou, it seems that the time has not been fully used. However, it was only after they went to Tibet and found lots of significant things there. In addition, the husband and wife have a very good relationship with each other, the son love and respects in return deeply. They have a good time and enjoyed themselves very much because it was the first time to take their son on a trip together. In the end, the tired parents went back home while the young son left for Guangzhou instead to continue his next interesting trip.


As we know that taking the children out to travel has become a better parent-child activity, it would foster a good relationship between kids and parents. We can arrange some travels with families together in a year, no matter short distance or far place.

Maybe the more important to the families are the time they accompany each other, not the travel for the travel.


Take another neighborhood as an example.

The parents are professional managers who are often travelling from one city to next on the world, they have a young daughter about 6 years old in the kindergarten.

The busy mother-father has few times to spare for this poor kid, so you could image how the relationship poor is between them. In order to compensate the kid and remove the feeling of guilty, they buy lots of funny toys and adorable dollies for her instead of staying and playing with the kid a little longer. As a result, the kid become more and more introvert and unlike to talk with other schoolmates in class, what’s worst, the performance at school is sharply down too.

When the teacher visited the parents and told what the problem the kid has, the mother-father realized a big mistake was made before. After the teacher left, the kid refused to talk and closed the door behind her, yelling out and leaving her alone.

At last, the parents asked a leave from the school and use one week to travel as a family gathering, taking the kid to the attraction parks, museum, arts exhibition show and watch the show at the theatre.


With the long-time gathering with each other, parents and the kid found they love each other so much, only the problem is no enough time to talk, to eat and play. The kid began to know that it’s not easy for the double-workers family to take care of the small kid. They made a deal that they would share the feelings and arrange a short-distance trip on weekend every half a month and a long-distance travel each quarter. The happy and pleasant atmosphere come back to this family once again.


Different families have different ways to handle with the members of family, we cannot say the travel is perfect solution to solve all the problem occurred in the family.

However, there is a reason for us to believe it is important for us to travel and know us more and others more. Anyway, see more and know more each other, it would pull the families into a close relationship in a strange place before strange people during the travel.