5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cuba


Cuba is the largest island of the Caribbean and one of the few socialist countries in the world. Due to its unique history and culture, Cuba is one of the most appealing places to visit on earth and we’ve narrowed down 7 reasons why you should visit Cuba now.

1. It’s an “untouched land”

Due to Cuba’s unique diplomatic history with the US and political isolation for centuries, the country’s economy is largely dominated by state-run enterprises. As a result, Cuba is an “untouched land” that is unspoiled by chain corporations, such as Starbucks and Subway. In addition, the colorful cities and beautiful natural resorts are not yet overrun by tourists due to the isolation of the country. 

So, if you are looking for an authentic getaway trip, Cuba could be on the top of your choice list.

2. It’s a car museum

Roaming around Havana is like taking a tour at a living car museum. In the 1950s, Cubans started to purchase a great number of cars from the US, until their former leader, Fidel Castro, banned all American imports in the 1960s.

These vintage cars, despite the limited access to original spare parts, are lovingly and well maintained by their owners and the models vary from old Chevy to Ford of a great range of color. Vintage car tour is one of the most popular city tours in Havana as driving around the city creates a sense of stepping back to time and is one of the most unique experiences you would have.


Vintage Cars in Havana 

3. The great weather

Cuba experiences two distinct seasons in a year: dry season from November to April and wet season from May to October. However, although named “wet season”, there is not much rain but only some showers during these months. The island on average experiences more than 300 sunny days a year and the plenty of sunshine makes Cuba one of the best destinations for a beach trip to experience the warmth of Caribbean.


Great Weather in Cuba

4. Friendly and welcoming locals

Cubans are warm and welcoming. Opposite to what people normally think about people in such a politically isolated country, Cubans are open and friendly. Cubans love to meet new people and they are nice to locals as well as to visitors. Random interesting conversations usually take place on the streets of Cuba and hospitality is a quality valued by Cuban people.

“Casa Particular”, meaning “private home” in English, is one of the most popular accommodations for visitors in Cuba. In spite of the limited resources, the hosts always try their best to serve the guests with the best food and living condition they can offer. You can always experience the most simple and unspoiled generosity in this country.


A Casa Particular in Cuba

5. Be away from hustle and bustle

Wi-Fi is limited in Cuba as people can only access the internet with minimal bandwidth in specific Wi-Fi spots. In addition, roaming data is expensive in Cuba, with an average price of 7.50 USD for 1 GB while the world average is 4.07 USD. Although this sounds inconvenient for us living in a world with unlimited and a great deal of free internet access, being away from the internet world has become one of the top reasons for tourists to visit Cuba. The digital detox can give you the opportunity to truly get away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life and slow down your paces to enjoy the wonderfulness of this world.