Come experience Oktoberfest revelry in Germany!


Oktoberfest, also known as Oktoberfest, takes place in Munich, Germany every year from late September to early October. It is customarily referred to as Oktoberfest because the main beverage during the festival is beer.

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The location of Oktoberfest in Munich is called "Theresienwiese", and you can take the subway directly to Theresienwiese station. Once you leave the station, you won't have to worry about finding it, as there will be a large number of people dressed in traditional Bavarian costumes, so follow the signs and arrows on the ground. If you're coming to Munich specifically for Oktoberfest, it's recommended that you stay at a hotel near Munich's central train station, which is within walking distance and one stop by the subway. That way, even if you enjoy Oktoberfest, you won't have to worry about getting too drunk to get home. If you want to fully commit to Oktoberfest, then you can even wear traditional Bavarian costumes: Bavarian leather pants for men and brightly coloured Bavarian dresses for women. These traditional costumes can be bought online in advance and are inexpensive, but if you come to the festival they are much more expensive, costing around 50 euros.


The Oktoberfest site is packed with people, and the square is dazzling with all kinds of stalls, exciting motorized games, and floats of beer brands. At Oktoberfest, all the major brewers prepare their floats, and the sturdy horses carrying the beer barrels in the parade are very handsome. Go into the tent and eat pork knuckles The best part of Oktoberfest. The buildings on the Oktoberfest grounds are not permanent structures but are temporary wooden houses. The tents are divided into large tents and small tents, with the large tents, generally run by the major breweries themselves or dedicated to a particular brand of beer, while the small tents have their strengths, with some focusing on food and others on selling items.

The exterior of the tents is decorated to highlight the beer suppliers and the characteristics of the pubs, while the interior is mostly decorated in the blue and white of the Bavarian flag and the yellow of the Munich city emblem. Seats inside and outside the tent are traditional long tables and chairs, and a band usually performs in the centre, singing and dancing when they get high. Both indoors and outdoors, the tables are mainly shared, so you can interact with all kinds of people. In addition to beer, each big tent offers traditional Bavarian food: sausages, roast chicken, pork knuckles, etc.

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Some breweries, such as Augustiner, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, etc. prepare their special beers for Oktoberfest. These beers are generally higher in wort strength and alcohol content than commercially available beers of their brand. The vast majority of people choose these special Oktoberfest beers, which come in large 1L glasses, and although they are often not filled, the price varies slightly from house to house but is basically around 10 euros a glass.