Avoid the crowded tourist experience and come to Nha Trang for a vacation


Those who want to travel to Vietnam have probably learned about Nha Trang, a small area with an increasing tourist fever. You can come here to see the beautiful scenery and experience the quiet and peaceful life of the region, which is perfect for a family trip. If you are a foodie, then after reading this article you will want to play in Vietnam even more.

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Nha Trang Overview

Nha Trang is located at the easternmost point of Vietnam's southern coastline. The best time to travel is from January to May when the climate is pleasant and there is less rainfall and less wind, making it suitable for sailing. The temperature in Nha Trang is comfortable, around 25°C all year round. The scenery of the island is pleasant, and most importantly, because Nha Trang is a niche island, there are not too many tourists flocking here, so you don't have to worry about too many tourists crowding here on vacation. It is suitable for water sports all year round, and you can also eat good and cheap seafood.


Nha Trang is not a big place, but there are still a lot of places to play. When you first go to Nha Trang, it is worth trying local features such as island hopping, cross-sea cable car and mud bath. If you like taking pictures, you can visit Minai and Dalat near Nha Trang. Then we recommend you join the island hopping tour, so you can enjoy all three classic islands of Nha Trang at the same time, Black Island, Silkworm Island and Dong Tam Island are all worth visiting. The tour route can go to the more distant Black Island, then to Coral Island, then to Han Tam Island, and then back to Nha Trang. If you are a diving enthusiast, you must go to Black Island. There are 25 dive sites in Nha Trang, and Black Island occupies most of the good ones. The water quality on Black Island is excellent, and the visibility here is basically 15 meters, and at its best, it can even reach 30 meters.

There are steep slopes and underwater caves at the bottom of the sea, and although large reefs are hard to see, there is a rich variety of coral here, with more than 300 species. The water of Dong Tam Island is clear and transparent. You can go to Dong Tam Island to experience sea fishing and rest on the island when you are tired of playing and enjoy Vietnamese-style seafood lunch. In the afternoon, you can go to Han Tam Island. Compared with the previous two islands, Han Tam Island has better facilities and there are many recreational facilities here, so if you want to play water sports, you can have a great time here. If you want to join the island hopping tour, then you can book the trip with hotel transfer in advance online.


If you are a family traveller, Pearl Island is perfect for you. Pearl Island has the largest sea amusement park in Asia, you can experience the Alpine Flyer, Mine Train, Ferris wheel, water park and so on, all these rides are on the sea, which is exciting. The entrance fee of the sea amusement park is 800,000 VND, which is about 30+ USD.