Three must-see attractions in Chengdu


For Chengdu, Kuanzhai Alley is known as the "most Chengdu" place, and it is also one of the most popular places for tourists to visit. The most recommended time to visit is at night, although the traffic in Kuanzhai Alley is relatively large, it is lively, and there are many bars near the entrance that hold parties and events every weekend. Even if you don't go to a bar, it's still a nice walk in the lane to experience the slow life of Chengdu, and of course, you can choose to have dinner here. According to the locals, there are also creative bazaars and other activities in Kuanzhai Alley on weekends, which are worth seeing, especially because there are many unique gifts about Chengdu in Kuanzhai Alley, so if you don't have time to go to major shopping malls, you can buy them in Kuanzhai Alley nearby.

You can also watch a Sichuan opera in Kuanzhai Alley to feel the cultural heritage of the place, there are face-changing and other Sichuan opera features to enjoy, and watching the theatre outside is quite lively. Visit Kuanzhai Alley in the morning and experience the most authentic way of the daily life of the locals. Kuanzhai Alley is the only ancient street left in Chengdu from the Qing Dynasty, consisting of three old urban streets arranged in parallel, Kuanxiangzi, Narrow Alley and Jingxiangzi, and the courtyard complexes between them. Come here to drink tea, eat hot pot and feel the leisure life, slow life and new life in Chengdu.

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Come to People's Park in the afternoon. People's Park has always been a good place for people to sip tea and watch the scenery, play and rest, get healthy and linger. The famous Chunxi Road is a must-see. The food and beautiful women here are known far and wide, and it is a great place to experience the hot Sichuan and hot Chengdu at night. Accommodation in Jinjiang District is very easy to find, with fast hotels, star hotels and guest houses of different grades to meet the needs of different people.


Wuhou Shrine is the only temple in China where the ruler and his ministers are worshipped together and the most famous memorial site for Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei and the heroes of the Shu Han Dynasty.

The sun has not yet risen, and the Wuhou Shrine is solemn and quiet in the early morning, whether it is the stone lion at the entrance or the plaque of "Han Zhaolie Temple" at the gate, you can feel a unique flavour precipitated by history. The ancient trees in Wuhou Temple, shaded by the sun, are quiet and elegant, coupled with the ancient houses, pavilions and pavilions, and early in the morning, strolling through them, the mood is very relaxed!

The buildings and promenades here are interconnected, twisting and winding, shooting and already do not know where they are, only to see a lotus pond green water ripples. Chengdu's famous Jin Guan deep - "red wall bamboo shadow" is here! The winding red wall, coupled with the sunlight mapping through the bamboo forest on the wall of dappled tree shadows, sunlight sprinkled on the lush branches, printed out the dappled tree shadows, so that the ancient wall has a more solemn history. The red wall, the green bamboo forest, and the blue sky are in harmony in the same picture, just like a beautiful painting.