A Bite of Finland


In early summer, you’ll be on a plane to Helsinki with the green Scandinavian atmosphere under your feet. Maybe you’re traveling for business, maybe you need a day in Helsinki for a connecting flight, or maybe you need to relax the day before your return trip...Welcome to Helsinki, which offers you a wide range of ways to have fun in depth: alpine fjords, forests and lakes, wilderness adventures, and also gives you the feeling that nature is never too far away from you. The city houses  many distinctive coffee shops, art museums, design districts and lifestyle markets, making you feel that you can still live a slow life with even in the populous capital city,

In summer, the sun is shining and the greenery is lush in Finland. A new flight to Helsinki enables you to enjoy your leisure time in Northern Europe. You may think Helsinki is boring? No, excitement awaits you.

1. Finnish cuisine begins with breakfast

The Finns have always been faithful to the traditional and natural way of eating, which has been handed down from generation to generation—taking water from trees in spring, picking berries for juice in summer, gathering mushrooms for deer hunting in autumn and feasting on roots and plants in winter. In their hands, they turn seemingly simple ingredients into a tantalizing cuisine that really tickles the taste buds. In addition to the pursuit of taste, the Finns have also brought the Nordic people’s talent for art and design to bear on their cuisine. When you come to Helsinki, it is a pleasure to search for food, not only for the taste buds, but also for the exquisite dishes which can be regarded as works of art, and are infused with the Finnish love of life.


Warm up your stomach with breakfast! Enjoying a cinnamon roll covered in a thick white frosting that reveals the aromatic cinnamon with a cup of espresso in the morning is a classic Finnish breakfast. According to professional bakers, the secret to a perfect Finnish cinnamon roll is to use enough sugar, and the finishing touch is a generous sprinkling of coarse sugar on the roll. Almost all Finns consider it a total luxury and pleasure to wake up to the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls at the beginning of the day.

2. The main meal starts Finland’s finest delicacies


Helsinki is a port city with the largest port in Finland, the Port of Helsinki. There are salmon, white fish, herring, salmon, freshwater cod... Fish is one of the most common foods on local tables and is cooked in a various ways: smoked, grilled, steamed, baked, etc. For Finns, fish is a must.


    You might not expect it, but there is nothing happier in Helsinki in summer than the crawfish harvesting season, which seems to be similar to the one in China. The Finns are also fond of crayfish, and at this time of the year they are holding joyful “crayfish parties”, which is more like a national carnival, a lively momentum compared to the "spicy crayfish" night market in China. Crawfish cooked with salt and spices is the traditional Finnish way of cooking, its taste is delicious, the meat is tender, the Finns are the best delicacy.