Best Places to Photograph the Incredible Dubai Skyline



From its humble beginnings as a small fishing port to its current status as one of the most searched vacation spots for the wealthy, Dubai's skyline has seen a spectacular transformation. Where is the finest place to take pictures of this stunning city? Continue reading if you're trying to find this location. When looking at the Dubai skyline, you could experience a sense of magic and even wonder if these locations are dreamy or real. In fact, the final classic one that stopped me in my tracks is frequently the most memorable. So, this is my list of the top locations where you ought to bring your camera.

Dubai Frame

Visit the Dubai Photo Frame and take a stroll down the opulent glass walkway for a memorable experience. The breathtaking photo frame provides a fantastic view of Dubai’s entire city. From the Sky Deck level, you can even see the difference between the old and new Dubai in the north and south. View the numerous stunning structures and big malls from this dominating vantage point. In the museum on the first floor, you can learn how Dubai went from a small fishing village to the top metropolis it is now.

The Terrace Bar

One of Dubai's least frequented locations is a harbor at Dubai Creek. Since the lagoon has been under construction for some time, tourists now have another fantastic location to visit for photography. Around the plateau is the 620-hectare Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, which has existed for 25 years and is home to some 450 different species of animals. 


Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel

The Jumeirah Emirates Towers' upper pool deck's Clique Rooftop is the best place to take pictures of the Dubai International Financial Center. The Jumeirah Emirates Tower Hotel, created by Hazel Wong, is the third-tallest hotel structure in the world. From here, you may take pictures of interesting structures like The Tower and Al Rostamani Maze Tower. The lobby's panoramic elevator is also not to be missed.

Level 43 Lounge

This 43-story open-air terrace on the bustling Sheikh Zayed Road offers visitors a stunning 360-degree view of the Dubai skyline. It's the ideal spot to photograph the sunset while contemplating the magnificent skyline. The most fascinating aspect of this location is that you can spend the entire day there because it doubles as a luxury lounge at night and a pool bar during the day.


In the backyard of Burj Khalifa, perhaps the thing you will never forget is the unobstructed view of the tallest tower in the world. Because it is extremely crowded here at night, you should arrive early. For comparable views, head to Above's rooftop at the Sofitel Hotel.


Burj Khalifa

Buy tickets to the Burj Khalifa, the world's highest man-made structure at 829.8 meters, and take in its height. It was built in 2009. In this enormous SOM-designed skyscraper, it is the ideal location in the entire globe to take pictures. It is not advised to reserve tickets that take you to the summit since it is simply not worthwhile. Even though it could be crowded and therefore more expensive, the best time to visit is between 5 and 7 in the evening. Simply put, the vistas are spectacular.

360º Rooftop

You are guaranteed an unforgettable view of the Burj Al Arab Hotel with 360° Rooftop. It is one of the most amazing sites on the earth and is situated at the end of the Marina Promenade of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. As this club is highly busy in the evenings, it is preferable to be here before 8pm.

Dubai Marina

 Of course, across Al Sufouh Road, as you cross the bridge heading north, is the greatest location to take pictures in this area.

TOMO Lounge

In contrast to the nearby RED Lounge bar, TOMO is now a hip Japanese restaurant. It is situated on the 17th level of the Raffles Hotel Dubai, close to the pyramid's top and one story below the renowned People by Crystal nightclub.

View of the Palm

The Observation Deck, which is situated on the 52nd story of the 240-meter-tall Palm Tower, offers magnificent 360-degree views of the Arabian Gulf, The Palm Jumeirah, and other well-known landmarks from its outdoor patio and lavish VIP lounge.

Between a view of the Dubai skyline and a photo opportunity, The View Exhibition offers an immersive experience that takes you through the history of The Palm Jumeirah and more.

The Palm Jumeirah is a symbol of Dubai's vitality, growth, and goals that is recognized worldwide. This incredibly well-known building extends into the Arabian Gulf and is shaped like the date palm, the country of the United Arab Emirates' national tree.