For winter travel you can come to Miami.


If you had to pick a region to visit during the cold winter months, it would be Florida, which has great weather and temperatures all year round, hence its name, the Sunshine State. Florida also has many great cities to visit, such as Orlando with Universal Studios and many Disney theme parks, Key West with its island charm, and Florida's most famous city, Miami, a beachside paradise where you can relax and enjoy Whether you are travelling with your family or your significant other or with your best friends, Miami is an ideal destination. Be aware, however, that the city of Miami does not have a low crime rate and the downtown area is not very safe, although some of the popular tourist destinations are not as dangerous.


Most restaurants in Miami don't open until noon, so before you start your day, stop by Bacon Bitch on Collins Ave. This restaurant opens early, at 8 a.m., for a spot of American breakfast and then continue your walk on Ocean Dr., the nearby waterfront trail.

Many people who come to Miami visit South Beach, a beautiful beach, and even if you have been to many beaches, you will still be amazed by the beauty of this beach. With the soft white sand and clean sea, the shore is lined with colourful umbrellas and cute little wooden houses. After sunbathing, you can choose a nice bar and have a couple of beers with friends, and South Beach has a unique Art Deco neighbourhood nearby. The buildings in this area are designed with a sense of art, both in appearance and style, and are home to the former mansion of pop master Gianni Versace.

At 10:30 a.m., you can also head to the Art Deco Tour Center for a 90-minute guided walking tour, which costs $35 per person. Throughout the tour, a professional guide will explain the history of Art Deco architecture and local stories, and you'll even have the opportunity to go inside some of the buildings to explore their curiosities.

After lunch, the rest of the day is to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of South Beach! I'll suggest a few ways to enjoy yourself, so you can choose your own!

In the afternoon, you can continue to come to the beach to walk the beach, remember to rent a sunshade when enjoying sunbathing, to avoid sunburning skin. If your budget is sufficient, you can consider choosing a good five-star hotel, many star hotels on the beach have a private beach, not only the beach is very clean and few people, you can enjoy a quiet time and enjoy the beautiful sea view.

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During the day, tourists enjoy a relaxing time, and at night, they come to the most lively downtown or bars to party. There are many nightclubs and bars in Miami, and at night, the lights are colourful and the tourists are welcoming, as if in a Hawaiian style. The warm and welcoming seaside city of Miami is sure to be a great destination for your winter travels, and believe me, you won't regret coming to Miami!