In This Winter, These Scenery Spots You Shouldn’t Miss.


In the winter, having been bored with the freezing weather and troubled with the heavy snow in that it lead us to hang out in the street difficultly and foolishly which forces us only to spend our free time at home, or you just want to change an environment which differentiates from the frozen roads, slip streets, leaden sky, people who shrink with cold, and to hug a warm winter in some places. Follow me to see the most worthy places you must go this winter.

  1. Turkey

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As we all know, Turkey is always an interesting and beautiful place where has so many well-known scenery spots and much of delicious food. The most famous building is the Saint Sophia Museum which was built in Byzantine Empire nearly 1500 years ago and made of silk from ancient China, African jewelry, obelisks of Egypt’s pharaoh and porcelain from all over the world. Only one glance, you would be fascinated by the gorgeous building. Besides, Seeing cargo boats and fishing boats parade on the blue water in strait of Bosporus is also very relaxing and joyful with the sound of horns. What’s more, Bazaars there are also crowded with people from all over the world and full of interesting local items. For gourmands, Turkey is a traditional gastronomic city that is well known for its roast meat also called doner kebap for the reason that it has varieties of spices which can makes the food there irresistible.

  1. Xishuangbanna


Xishuangbanna located in the south west of China, which only has dry season and rain season. During the winter in North Hemisphere, it’s the dry season in Xishuangbanna, where is full of flowers driving travelers there forget the coldness in freezing area. Food there is also rich and special, barbecue of Dai style, colorful glutinous rice and so on would make you fall in love with this place right away. People there are also very enthusiastic who belongs to dozens of different minorities, so you can feel totally different minorities’ styles of dressing, eating and living modes. What’s more, there are thousands of plants and animals, the richness of them would let you sigh how mysterious our nature is. The most important is that the warm climate and beautiful scenery there would make you unwilling to leave until the winter is gone.

  1. Thailand

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If you want to find a warm and fruit rich place, Thailand must be one of the best places for you to go. Golden beach, countless fruit are not the merely reasons for tourists being unforgettable about Thailand, but the free atmosphere, low price, comfortable environment attracts plenty of travelers to come. Except that, there are always all kinds of conventions, marathons and festivals attracting tourists there attending them, for example Durian Marathon each year would attract thousands of people to come. Nearly no one would forget or not be moved by the enthusiastic atmosphere there invented by local people and government. Additionally, owing that plenty of fruits were produced there, except having them, local people has a conventional project is that they carving fruits which depends on which fruit you are carving, there are dozens of flowers made by these normal fruits. However, that is not very easy for visitors to see in Thailand, because young people are more willing to learn some new, popular things compared with these traditional ones causing that only few of them want to success this craft. So that, if you want to watch the process of carving fruits, you must find it carefully in the markets and streets.

So much interesting things waiting to find out and experience in winter, just pack up your luggage and go these places now! If you like our commendations, please give us likes and follow us.