Top three unforgettable niche attractions


Today,let’s share some resorts and tourist attractions that people are not familiar with. These places are not well-known big cities that many people know and are congested with traffic, but are secret, little known, less crowded, less populated, but unforgettable niche places.

Hot Springs National Park, located at the north end of Hot Springs City, Arkansas, covers an area of 22 square kilometers. It is famous for the 65 ℃ spring water flowing down from the Hot Spring Mountain, and the top priority attracting people to central Arkansas is this special hot spring water. For a long time, people have been using these soothing hot springs to heal their bodies and minds. It is said that the American Indians discovered the unique cold springs and hot springs here more than 14000 years ago have powerful curative effects.

Here, you can experience the hot spring and enjoy a refreshing all day spa in the Bathhouse Row in the center of the park. Or if you want to enjoy the unforgettable hot spring scenery, you can wear hiking shoes and enjoy the comprehensive scenery along the West Mountain Trail.

Located in the heart of the country, Kanab has three national parks, five national museums, two state parks, two national forests and one of the largest national recreation areas in the United States! All of these are within a 90-minute drive, and all have pure and undamaged terrain and beautiful scenic spots waiting for your arrival.

The nearby national park is called "the jewel in the crown of the United States" for many reasons. Grand Canyon National Park, Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park have their own unique sceneries that make it impossible for you to move away, as well as magnificent trails suitable for hiking, cycling, climbing and viewing.

The Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, which covers an area of 2 million acres, starts from the back door of Kanab and extends all the way to Lake Powell. If you are ready to feel cool, the Powell Lake/Glen Canyon leisure area offers unlimited boating and water sports, or you can gather on the beach to enjoy a little sunshine.

South Utah is full of "hidden treasure". In the "backyard" of Kanab, you will find all kinds of unusual geological structures, slit canyons and remote wilderness experiences, but the exploration and shooting process need to go through hardships and dangers.

Camden Town, with about 5000 people, is a comfortable and pleasant port city, known as a pearl of historical charm on the northeastern coast of the United States. All the houses are 19th century buildings, the library is the largest building in the town, and the local opera house makes you linger. The atmosphere here is very pleasant, slow and sparsely populated. The blue of the sea is Cerulean Blue, which means sky in Latin, but Cerulean blue has more green tones than sky blue.

This quaint town has become the activity center of world-famous chefs. Many senior chefs use seafood and local food to create amazing food in the town's restaurants. Maine is famous for lobsters. When you come to Camden, you can enjoy delicious food and enjoy all the beautiful sunset scenery on the sea by taking the classic sunset sail.